The Priestess Of Peril


As Priestess Phaedra wants to secure the throne of the Earldom of Loriac for herself, all who stand in her way must perish… Witness the demise of Lady Iola of Loriac and her Hand Maiden Iocaste as both Priestess Phaedra and Princess Fayana marvel at the spectacle of their torture and execution…

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Priestess Phaedra is the religious authority in the small Earldom of Loriac. Hungry for power she wants complete control over the Earldom. To achieve this, Phaedra plots to seduce the Earl and then kill him to inherit his throne. If she can then get rid of Fayana, daughter of the Earl, Phaedra’s rule will be absolute. Yet when another noble lady tries to win over the Earl for herself, Phaedra must act quickly… Setting in motion a series of events that will send many loyal subject of the Earldom to their demise…

A massive comic featuring a whipping, stretching, a detailed hanging and a crucifixion! A marvelous story spanning 98 pages, featuring an average of 11 panels each!!!

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Each page has a resolution of 3001 x 4032 pixels at 96 dpi. (for CBR and PDF versions, the EPUB version has a smaller resolution, depending on the viewing screen.)

This is the second volume in the series of Codric The Executioner!

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