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Over the course of the following days, data-storage for the site will be optimized. This in preparation for the release of the Priestess Of Peril Source Files.

As a result of this, two products will have to be pulled offline and republished. This action concerns: Caudalia’s Crossing Source Files and the comic “The Priestess Of Peril”.

Due to this action, the download links for these products will no longer work. New download links are available however. If you purchased either the Caudalia’s Crossing Source Files or the comic “The Priestess Of Peril” prior to May 5th 2018, just send me an email (using the contact form) and I will provide you with the new download links. Any purchase from May 5th 2018 will receive the new download links automatically.

Many thanks,

Marius Zebo



Many have asked, so we provide! As of now all 1171 high resolution renders made to create the comic “Caudalia’s Crossing” are now available!!! You can get the collection of over 10 GB of pictures (4000 x 3539 px) over at the shop!

!!!Update!!! The collection is now available on two different file hosting services to improve the download speed for our customers!!!



Howdy, dear visitor! A lot is moving in Crux-Comics Land as we are working on the second volume in the series of Codric The Executioner:

“The Priestess Of Peril”.

Enjoy a “Working Cover” for now, more updates to follow later!


Below you can find some teasers for the first comic: “Caudalia’s Crossing”:


In this first volume “Caudalia’s Crossing”, Codric is tasked with executing the witch the peasant girl Caudalia.

Even though Codric is a loyal servant of the Earl, he believes Caudalia to be innocent, so he offers her a chance: be executed quickly and be sure to die… or choose a far more agonizing way, but maybe survive…



Be sure to check out the free gallery to get a peek at some finished pages and clean renders that might be turned into panels! Happy browsing and stay tuned for more !!!